Happy New Year- Drop The Shoulder

Happy New Yearrrrrrrrrrrrr.

They say what you do on New Years Day will reflect what you do for the year. Well, I walked home at 3am from a night out dressed as a jockey with only one shoe on, woke up with a hangover and had a bath. Heres to a succesful 2018 wooo hoo.

I don’t think that will reflect my New Year unless I’m about to sign up to race at Ascot any time soon. I’m not sure what I did last year on January 1st because it must have been something unlucky. I’ve always been the luckiest person going but I’ve always put myself into situations to make my own luck. But towards the end of 2017 rather than being a yes man and saying yes to everything and having the luck roll my way. I started saying no, maybe and perhaps another time to things...

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Two Marathons in 1 week- Part 1

Robin Williams has been announced dead at his home, reports are he took his own life after battling a number of cases of depression. What! Robin Williams? He is the happiest man on earth, how can he be depressed? Money, fame, fortune but no one to talk to? It is becoming ever more apparent, more talked about but still not enough and the biggest killer in men in the UK aged 18-30 is suicide? Excuse me? It’s time for a challenge and to try and make a difference to myself and others.

I’ve clicked onto the Mind website a national charity that supports people with mental health issues. “Run the Brighton Marathon for Mind”. Ok sure, details entered, £50 paid and now a commitment of £500 sponsorship to running the Brighton marathon...

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Are you making people Happy or Sad?

“This is a story of mind over matter, if you don’t mind, I don’t matter.”

That was a line from one of Tommy Coopers jokes. Tommy Cooper was one of the greatest performers that ever lived. His smile, laughter and “just like that” phrase would light up a room and bring happiness to millions. But what was really going on in his mind? When he put down his magic wand, took off the tails and took of his fez he was a depressed alcoholic. Mad to think that someone that wore a mask of such happiness was actually so sad. The reason I decided to raise money for MIND this year was after the death of Robin Williams. To me he came across as the happiest man alive...

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How to get robbed in Hamburg

I have just returned from a stag do in Hamburg and it was a tremendous weekend filled with beer, banter and best friends but it didn’t start that great on the first night. I went to Hamburg with my mate Adam for our friend Jake’s stag do and met lots of top quality lads. The evening started with beer, lederhosens and awkward chat and before long we were all drunk and best of pals. As Hamburg is very busy the group slowly filtered down through the night and I was left with one lad who shall remain unnamed.

We tried to get into a casino as he loves gambling but were refused due to much giggling on the way in, as we walked back to the hotel a ‘friendly’ German man asked us to come into his establishment as it was free entry and we could get a free shot with the first drink...

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Wouldn’t it be nice to be normal?

Ever thought you were slightly different or do you think you are just like everybody else? Some people thrive on being different, some people are happy to be ‘normal’ and some people haven’t got a choice. I don’t want to be one of them people that are different, edgy or strange but sometimes you just can’t help feeling like it. If you know me then you may already have a judgement on me that I can be slightly odd but you should try meeting some other comedians on the comedy circuit.

Again I have always felt a bit different but it was only made clear to me that other people think this about me too by my Grandad a couple of weeks ago. My Grandad is hilarious and like many other granddads out there is comical, inappropriate and still flirtatious...

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A Leap of Faith!

After recovering from the mumps and my testicles depleting to normal size, I was told by my GP that I had suffered from Pancreatitis while in hospital and was to have an ultra sound scan on my stomach next week. I would say I’m apprehensive about this but shamefully this won’t be my first trip as a single dad to the midwifes clinic to get a scan. It is quite embarrassing sitting in that waiting room as all of the other couples sit around showing affection and excited about finding out the sex of their baby in the next half an hour and ultimately changing their life forever. Whereas I am sat there on my own holding my pregnant looking tummy waiting to find out if my pancreas is still inflamed and I need surgery or if it’s just a big poo refusing to come out.

I don’t want to focus on ...

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Get your balls out son!

Get ya balls out

My first comedy mentor said that the things you think you shouldn’t tell people are usually the funniest and if you can share those stories then you can talk confidently about anything. So with my latest illness I might as well tell you how it went.

The day before valentines day I travelled to Sweden for the weekend. It was meant to be for a 50 mile challenge of skating across Sweden but due to global warming and probably Russia, all of the ice had melted. So that meant that the weekend was going to result in two things, going to see the Royal Palace and getting drunk for 3 days...

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You gotta SMILE!!!

You gotta smile

I fucking love smiling! Now everyone that knows me knows I’m a smiler and always haven been since I was a child. This resulted in me gaining the nicknames like smiler, gumbo and chinny. The reason for tonight’s blog is that as I grow wise with age I realised something about the effects of my smile whilst on a stag do a few weeks ago.

Now the situation was that a group of us stag lads were at an activity centre and we were getting taught how to fly a hovercraft. As the instructor explained that you needed enough air running through to lift the hovercraft he stopped mid-sentence and said to me “what are you smiling at?”

Now I’ve had this question posed to me many times for example when I’m walking down the street, when I’m eating food or when I’m trying to have sex...

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I am Che Guevara

Oh Heyyyyyy

I feel I have let you down by not blogging since May but I have been a very busy boy. The last 4 out of 6 weeks I have been camping with a large number of 16 year olds. Not in a weird way where I just turned up and crashed their camping trips but as a group leader on summer projects for school leavers. It’s been great fun, hard work and highly inappropriate at times.

I have now done 37 gigs in total and this Tuesday the 20th August is where it gets interesting. I am doing what every comedian does and heading to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. I haven’t got my own show this year but will be doing a few 5 and 10 minute open spots up there for the few days I’m there. Just dipping my toes in before I attempt my own show in 2014.

In my last blog I spoke about people coming ...

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Its Ricky Gervais!

What would you do if you randomly bumped into Ricky Gervais? Would you quote The Office and say “I prefer a flan”, quote Extras and say “the wig, the glasses, the catchphrase, brilliant” or stick out your chin and pretend to be Derek?

Well when I was walking through a park in Hampstead Heath this Monday I simply stared at him long and hard and said “its Ricky Gervais” I then continued to grab my friends’ hand that I was with and raise it into the air as if I was in school and had a question and repeated “Ricky Gervais”. As he walked past, my friend and I just starred at each other for a minute saying “Ricky Gervais, yes that’s Ricky Gervais”

How can seeing someone for a second mean so much? As we were still buzzing about the situation we talked about hindsight and w...

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